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Docmac offers expert computer services in Shawano, Wi. and the surrounding areas.

Computer getting you down? Viruses, spyware  and Adware taking control of your computer? Need help getting your digital camera or printer working or need it explained how it works?

Doc-Mac can help, our Techwiz guys too, are tired of the high prices charged by the big chains and the lack of caring about getting your system running. Techwiz guys actually care about getting your system running. We do specialize in Macintosh (Apple) computers but realize that sometimes PC’s need a little help too, and we do make house calls!

Best Service

We mean it, we service your computer as if it were our own. Who doesn’t want their computer back as soon as possible and in better condition than it went for service. 

Making your computer experience better

I’m here to help you run your computer life more smoothly. To help and your computer communicate with friends, family or customers. To enable you to share, photos, stories, products and services with others. I help computer users like yourself get past the little problems... to insure you have a reliable computer platform and experience.

On Site Repair

We can come to your site or home 

We try to make it as easy as possible for you, when we say we will be there at 10am we will be there! 

We know times are hard and try to offer the best, service at the best prices we can. We have a low hourly rate, order our replacement parts from a group of the best vendors and shop for the lowest prices for quality parts. We don’t skimp on quality parts we just shop for the best prices to offer to you.

We care 


Bruce is Doc-mac, Techwiz pro dedicated to the health and well being of your computer. I repair both PC platforms and Apple, I offer a broad range of knowledge and creative resources necessary to keep your system running at peak efficiency. I also understand that knowing your equipment is only half the equation. I anticipate what you need before you need it, and do the most cost effective and in a way you will understand your system.

Doc-mac, gives you all the benefits of an in-house System Administrator without incurring the expense of a full-time technical specialist.


What makes Docmac different?

I believe bedside manner is an important part of your overall satisfaction. I will work with you at your level of proficiency to help you understand what I am doing to fix a problem. I follow up with treatment report to make sure you understand the problem and the fix.


I listen, I solve, I treat, I repair

I’m here to help you run your computer life more smoothly. To help you and your computer communicate with friends, family or customers. To enable you to share your field of expertise, your ideas, art & stories or products and services with others. I help computer users like yourself get past the little problems…to insure you have a reliable computer platform and great experience. 


Questions answered problems fixed that simple Give us a call and try us out, you’ll be impressed.

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PC Services Offered,

PCs: We repair laptops, towers, tablet PCs. We care remove a virus or show you the best option for protection. We can reinstall a system and bring your beloved computer back to working order.

Don't like Windows 10 , We can switch you back to windows 7 (beware Microsoft support may end).

Need more memory? We can order and install the correct memory .

Need an application installed, or a device such as a printer, camera or gps connected, we can help install and make sure it works.

We repair broken laptop screens.

Need a new hard drive , we can install it and restore your system.

Laptop Computers: A full range of restoring your machine to prime condition. Whether it be installing additional ram, a new hard drive or any other parts we can do it.


PC Towers: We work on any vintage PC, repairing installing new systems we can do it all

Ipods: Whether replacing a broken screen, or installing a new battery we can do it while also trying to keep the cost down.


Memory installations

    1    Operating System upgrades including Windows 10, reverting back to Windows 7

    2    Software support for applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, all PC programs.

    3    System configuration, such as internet access, software and font management

    4    Archiving development and implementation

    5    Preventative maintenance, system optimization and clean-up

    6    Back-up development, implementation and training,

    7    Unbiased hardware and software recommendations


    •    Free Diagnosis!!

    •    Minimum service fee /First hour                            

    •    Computer Trouble shooting                    

    •    Format/reload restore Install updates       

    •    Computer Tuneup

    •    Backup (first CD/DVD)                         

    •    Second CD                                            

    •    Hardware install/plus cost of hardware    

    •    Memory upgrade/plus cost of memory    

    •    Consulting teaching 

    •    Sudden service, drop what your doing and            fix it now, rush.



$30.00 hr





$30.00 hr

$30.00 hr

$30.00 hr


Contact us

By phone 920-993-9002

By email

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Free Computer Help


at Glas Coffee House ,Shawano, Wi



Each Tuesday morning from 9am until noon at Glas Coffee House building located at  511 North Main Street in Shawano we offer free computer help. Anyone needing help can attend. We can help with installations, trouble shooting , virus removal and upgrades. We will try to answer any of your questions. 

Trouble with program , or virus. 

We can help eliminate the virus and offer a protection solution, that really works.

Recycling Computers

We also offer recycling of old computers and accept donations of computers and LCD screen monitors. We accept towers, laptops, and LCD screen monitors , let us know what you have.

Everyone Welcome

No appointment is necessary and everyone is welcome. Come join in and ask questions, see what others are doing and learn at your own pace.


Sponsered by and Glas Coffee House

For more information call  920-993-9002 or email

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